Raid-to-Earn Mechanism

Twitter engagement is a crucial factor for NFT and Blockchain projects. We all know that projects with high engagement sell more and attract sympathy than other projects. In this regard, MutantBoi aims to turn the engagement power of its holders into passive income.
Let's explain this with an example
John is a project owner, and he is struggling with Twitter engagement. Instead of preferring fake engagement for his project, he wants to get the engagement of real NFT and Blockchain fans. At this point, MutantBoies will step in to provide a solution to John's problem.
John places an engagement order through Discord or Twitter. His engagement order is added to the engagement bot in MutantBoi Discord server and holders who will engage within the specified time earns BoiCash points. Earned BoiCash can be converted into NFT in MutantBoi Store or $ETH reward.
While we provide a solution to the engagement problem of John, MutantBoies start earning passive income with their Twitter accounts.