MutantForm: How and When?

Most of us hope to mint a rare piece after the NFT mint. This all depends on luck. Just like in other collections, MutantBoi collection will also reveal NFTs randomly. No one can know which one they are going to get, whether Rank 1 or 4444.
However, we will be offering the opportunity to change your rank or trait in exchange for the stake points you collect with the MutantForm mechanism to make the process fairer.

Now, let's check the details of the process together:

  • Each MutantBoi NFT receives 100 BoiCash per daily stake.
  • 700 BoiCash is required to upgrade a "Normal" trait. In other words, your MutantBoi will have a right to improve 1 trait at the end of 7 days. You can perform it by choosing one of your existing traits.
  • 3,000 BoiCash is required to upgrade a "Rare" trait. Rare trait upgrades allow you to change the rank of your NFT. Your MutantBoi will be sent to Lab for 30 days for the MutantForm process and at the end of the period, you can upgrade your rank or art with BoiCash you earned.
  • You can undo your trait upgrades with the "TurnBack" feature. You need 500 BoiCash to do so. In short, you can restore your NFT by staking it with the MutantForm for 5 days.
Normal Trait
7 Days Stake
Rare Trait with Rank Upgrade
30 Days Stake
5 Days Stake