How Did the MutantBoi Emerge?

We believe there are some problems at this point in the NFT World. While some of the projects achieved significant success, holders cannot enjoy the reflections of this success. It is because the budget of projects is often used to fund different projects and projects that eventually fail affect the whole collection with the domino effect. We decided to create MutantBoi and BoiLabs with the idea of whether can we put an end to this trend. Besides creating a very high-quality and fun collection visually, the concern of how we can provide people a better financial mechanics from start to end was among our two main goals. Successful artists Fomophobic and ArtWorksFromB, also the partners of the project, created a collection that is visually complete, has successful traits, and is of high quality. In this process, all traits were planned one by one, most of them were re-drawn for perfection and all the necessary attention has been paid to give them a soul rather than leave them just a visual and to make their holders happy because they own them. In fact, this was an important part of making the MutantBoi art perfect, and we did it. The other creator of the project, Oguzhan, who has been a day-one follower/investor and advisor in the NFT World, created the mechanics required for the community to always survive, both in terms of activity and economy. Unlike all existing NFT collections, the sole purpose of the MutantBoi project is to focus on its business and community and provide many significant returns to its investors in the long run.