Oguzhan | MutantBoi
Investor of Blockchain world since 2015. He has been advising on many major NFT projects and Web3 games since 2019. He also hodl many bluechip NFT collections. As a life-time learner, Oğuzhan working every day to improve Web3 ecosystem.
Fomophobic | MutantBoi
Partner and creative director of Touch Up advertising agency. Worked with famous global brands like H&M, Sephora, Watsons. Also investor in Web3 world since 2018. He has been in many famous communities and keeps learning. In short, he is proud to describe himself as a community&building lover.
​ https://twitter.com/fomophobic95​
ArtWorksFromB | MutantBoi
Motion & Graphic Designer, art lover. She has worked as an art director in different agencies since 2017. Very excited to match their design related experience with her web3 road. Also she is an Otaku.